February 8, 2023

Chicby Karina

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How You Can Travel to This Under-The-Radar Italian Region—for Free

Milan, Venice or Rome are likely to be stops on a trip to Italy—and for good reason. The incredible architecture, gastronomic scene, and rich culture are not to be missed. But these destinations often also come with crowds and long lines. Thankfully, there’s a lesser-known corner in Northern Italy that comes with the same charms but is still wonderfully crowd-free—and will even pay for your train tickets if you visit.

Tucked beside Austria and Slovenia, the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region is now offering to reimburse travelers’ train fares plus extra complimentary perks as a bid to encourage them to explore the wonders of the region—which include The Dolomites, golden coasts, and sprawling vineyards until May 31, 2023.

Gemona del Friuli, a town in the Province of UdineGetty Images

The local tourism board noted that it will refund all inbound train journeys to four cities within the region: Trieste, Udine, Grado, and Lignano Sabbiadoro. The cherry on top? The initiative also includes a complimentary FGVcard valid for 48 hours. This grants travelers free or discounted access to public transport, as well as attractions, museums, guided tours to historical sites, exhibitions like Banksy’s in Salone deli Incanti (open November 25 to April 10, 2023), and more.

In the region’s capital of Trieste and nearby Udine, with its perfectly restored old town, globetrotters can marvel at the roman relics or even book a wine-tasting tour as the region is known to yield some of the best white wines in Europe. Along the Adriatic Sea, Lignano Sabbiadoro is home to some gorgeous Italian beaches while Grado is a quiet version of Venice due to the canals that run along the quaint seaside village.

Piazza dell’Unita d’ItaliaGetty Images