February 8, 2023

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Innovative Showcase for FHA-HoReCa – Hotel Magazine

British-based foodservice equipment manufacturer Mechline Developments are preparing to take their innovative range of kitchen hygiene and FOGS solutions to the world’s leading foodservice and hospitality event in Asia: FHA-HoReCa, Singapore, 25-28 October 2022 (Hotel, Restaurant and Café)—bringing both distribution and service opportunities to the region.

Mechline’s proven product range will be showcased from stand 4H3-07, with their award-winning HyGenikx air and surface sanitisation system taking centre stage.

Designed to improve air quality and hygiene across all hospitality areas, HyGenikx is compact, wall-mounted and easy-to-install in any location, from back of house and front of house, to refuse areas. It eradicates viruses and bacteria, including coronavirus; eliminates harmful E-coli, Salmonella and Listeria from the environment; and extends the shelf-life and quality of perishable food for longer. HyGenikx even removes unpleasant odours by tackling them at source – making it the perfect addition to washrooms, as well as foodservice areas.

For Restaurants, Cafés, and Hotel operators, being able to significantly reduce food waste, is key, not just from the environmental point of view, but also a cost point of view, given the steep costs associated with sending food to landfill. This is something that healthy fast food and casual dining chain, Kauai, knows too well having installed 8 wall-mounted units throughout its Edinburgh store.

Cyrus Todiwala

“We have noticed that ingredients are lasting longer. Front of house we have a display kitchen where fresh food is made from scratch and people can watch it being made. Our ingredients are certainly keeping for longer than you would expect, and I believe it is down to the fact we have the HyGenikx machine,” detailed UK Managing Director James Wilson.

“We have four HyGenikx units front of house, two in the kitchen and one in each toilet, to help protect all areas, staff and customers, and so far, our staff have reported no viral illnesses. Our air is permanently cleansed, and, without question, HyGenikx has helped us maintain a healthy work environment.”

Cyrus Todiwala, chef and owner of award-winning Café Spice Namasté in London, shares Wilson’s enthusiasm.

“Our HyGenikx units were installed in our cold rooms and raw foods kitchen as well as our staff toilet to clean the atmosphere, reduce odours and keep an environment that is pure and free of bacteria and viruses,” he said.

“We have three cold rooms and had a HyGenikx unit in each. It is noticeable that the fruit and vegetables in our cold room are staying fresher for longer thanks to the HyGenikx unit, which is great as we are committed to minimising food waste in our operation.”

To find out more about HyGenikx, click here.

Another key range to feature on stand 4H3-07 is Mechline’s complete suite of grease and FOGS (Fats, Oils, Grease and Starches) management products. This includes BioCeptor: a combined technology system that effectively traps, and then breaks down, kitchen FOGS, to help prevent blocked drains, bad odours, and compliance issues.

With its unique and powerful bio-fluid formula, BioCeptor not only helps operators prevent FOGS from entering the drainage system, but also reduces the operational cost of maintenance by extending the servicing requirements by up to 12 weeks, or longer, depending on usage.

Click here to find out more about Mechline Developments, and their full product range.

To find out more about FHA-HoReCa, visit: fhahoreca.com