May 25, 2022

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New York Travel Nursing Jobs: Your Gateway to the Big Apple

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Work and pleasure are one of things that is difficult to balance. During work, only a few people have the opportunity to have fun at the same time. Especially people who have challenging jobs like nurses. Nurses are known to be one of the most exhausting jobs a person can have. They have to be able to be physically and mentally active during work even if they have to work long hours. The demand for nurses has increased for the past year and scarcity of nurses in other places is observed. Due to this issue travel nurse agencies have become more active in offering New York travel nursing jobs to any nurses who want to see the Big Apple and broaden their work journey at the same time.  

Different Types of Travel Nurses 

Travel CNA 

Travel certified nurse assistant’s responsibility is to visit patients in their homes and administer medication if necessary or if not simply monitor basic health care for the patients. Travel CNA jobs in New York usually earn $32 per hour. To qualify as a travel CNA certification and post-secondary education is good enough for you to be able to work in other States. 

Travel RN 

As a registered nurse, you can work with any medical facility since one of the requirements to be able to be qualified to get travel RN  jobs in  New York is to pass the licensure exams of nurses. RN  travel jobs in New York can make up to $50 per hour. Compared with regular nurses this rate is higher, that’s why most nurses would prefer to be a travel nurse in New York. 

Crisis Nurse Jobs

Crisis nurse jobs in New York are also covered by travel nurse agencies. Crisis nurses are nurses who are needed to respond to emergencies just like with the pandemic that happened last year, travel crisis nurses were needed everywhere. For NYC crisis nursing jobs a nurse can get extra pay, so they can earn up to $5,000 a week.  

Those are just a few of the travel nurse jobs in  New York that agencies and companies offer New York. Other specializations are also open and pay will depend on a nurse’s expertise. 

Advantages of Travel Nursing in  New York City

Free Housing

When you are working outside your residence a place you can call your home is important. This is where you can stay and have a good rest after working for long hours. So they provide free housing for their travel nurses so they can rest well and avoid getting homesick. Another option would be personally choosing a place to stay during your assignment and they will just be providing a housing stipend to help you with your rental fee. 


Considering that you are not a resident of New York, you are not obligated to pay taxes. Your salary is exempted from tax but you are however required to maintain a tax-home.  

Work and Pleasure 

Each assignment may last for 13 weeks or more depending on the agreement you made with your travel nurse agencies and the medical facility you will work with. But the good thing about it is, after each assignment you can get a break by informing them that you need an off before heading to your next assignment. After each assignment travel nurse agencies had already made some arrangements on their travel nurse’s next destination. During your break, you can explore New York and be able to visit the most famous Statue of Liberty and visit their famous museums. 

Being a travel nurse will be a good opportunity for each nurse to explore the world at the same time grow their skills by applying what they have learned and can even continue to enhance their skills and knowledge. New York travel nursing jobs are being offered by travel nurse agencies to nurses who want to grab this opportunity. If you are one of them, make your dreams happen by contacting the travel nurse agencies near you. New York will be a good start since everyone dreams to visit this place, it will be better if you are visiting a place and at the same time earning money from work.   

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