February 8, 2023

Chicby Karina

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The State of Gender Equality in the Industry – Hotel Magazine

The State of Gender Equality in the Industry – Hotel Magazine

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are intensely scrutinised across the travel and hospitality industry. Gender diversity, especially, is capturing attention as women represent a significant share of industry employees. However, a recurring theme in the industry is the challenges women face in obtaining promotions, earning the same salaries as men, and advancing into leadership roles.

Women Leading Travel & Hospitality, NAPCO Research, and the Cornell Peter and Stephanie Nolan School of Hotel Administration’s Center for Hospitality Research partnered to conduct a workplace gender diversity study based on a large sample of industry participants. The survey-based research focused on the status of DEI efforts in the travel and hospitality industry to uncover how organisations address gender equality while providing a reference point to measure future progress.

The report focused on:

  • The industry’s perception regarding gender issues and the challenges women face in advancement to leadership roles.
  • Industry progress over the last five years on DEI efforts.
  • Areas for improving gender diversity and inclusion throughout the industry, including leadership positions.
  • Differences in perspective by gender on opportunities for advancement and compensation.
  • Tactics organisations have implemented to improve gender equality/sensitivity.
  • Best practices for creating gender-diverse and inclusive organisations

Download the report here.