December 3, 2020

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Things They Don’t Tell You About Busan

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Things They Don’t Tell You About Busan
Things They Don’t Tell You About Busan

There is quite a lot to do in Busan, and if you are planning to take a flight there, I recommend Cathay Pacific for your trip. As you are finding the right plane with Cathay Pacific, here are some of the things that you need to know before traveling to Busan.

  1. No Tipping In South Korea

You have probably tipped if you are from the northern part of America or even the UK. Germans do it, and almost everyone does it. One thing, however that caught my eye in Busan is that no one cares about tipping, and it’s not even a big deal at all. I later came to realize that you were not allowed to leave a tip in a restaurant, a taxi, or even after that exemplary service that you loved. 

Tipping is a choice, and you couldn’t be arrested if you did that, but no one will take your heartily token of appreciation in South Korea.

  1. It’s Coffee Everywhere

One of the things that caught my attention wasn’t the fact that there were multiple coffee shops in Busan, but the fact that coffee was way expensive than I am used to back at home. You see, there are also more coffee shops in America and Canada, but none compares to Busan. 

The coffee prices are also hiked compared to Canada and America. Coffee is so popular here that they even have coffee vending machines in town and on every block. South Koreans love coffee, black coffee to be precise, so if you need milk, cream, or some more sugar, don’t hesitate to ask for some.

  1. Tips To Getting Around Town

Mandarin is most spoken compared to English in Korea, and it, therefore, means that you need to get your destination written in Korea for easy and smooth navigation in town. The taxis here are relatively cheap, but I would advise the metro system for its convenience.

Most stations have similar names in Busan, and it would be good to double check the destination names before starting on any trip. The subways are no different either as they have multiple exits; ensure that you know the exit numbers to make things easier on your side.

The subways have some designated seats for the old, expectant mothers and the physically challenged. Riding on these seats means that you will have to give them up whenever the ‘owners’ get in or persevering nasty and dirty looks from the other passengers.

  1. Busan Is A Safe Haven!

South Korea is a pretty safe country. My stay in Busan was a safe one, and I even noticed many solo male and female tourists. I have always felt safe whenever I walked in Busan, and I can confess it is one of my favorite safe havens that I have been to.

Busan is safe, but you need to take precautions anyway. Keep a keen eye on your belongings and let common sense guide you. In case you notice anything suspicious, don’t hesitate to inform the authorities because all that glitters may not be gold.

  1. Pushing In Crowd Is Normal

Busan is the second largest city in South Korea, and the multitude of crowds on the streets is inevitable. People will shovel their way around, and it’s very familiar. They are not rude; they need to get to their destination as fast as they can. Be prepaid to knock or be knocked on the streets of Busan and don’t look back; it’s normal.

  1. Do Not Flush The Toilets Here!

My first visit to Busan got me thinking of it as a metropolitan city until I saw the toilets. The toilets are quite different here and, to some extent, gross. All the public restrooms have a trash can to disposing used toilet papers, and I find that quite appalling. 

The toilets here are the ‘squat’ types, and after you are done, you dispose of your used toilet paper in the trash can just next to you. You don’t need to flush, and I was quite uncomfortable with that. Copyright © All rights reserved. | Newsphere by AF themes.