February 8, 2023

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Top 10 Reasons to Support NZ Made – Hotel Magazine

Top 10 Reasons to Support NZ Made – Hotel Magazine

Here are our top ten reasons to support New Zealand Made this spring!


1. Price

Once thought to be the major barrier to buying local, great prices are now another great reason to support NZ businesses. With surging shipping costs, and lengthy delays and unfavourable exchange rates, it just makes sense.

2. Quality

Attention to detail is what separates locally made items from mass produced ones. NZ made products are much more likely to stand the test of time, making them sustainable, and in many cases are reusable and recyclable.

3. Times are tough

Small businesses have had a tough few years. Some have made the difficult decision to close and many are only just hanging in there. In economically challenging times, every dollar spent locally can make a huge impact.

4. It’s the Kiwi way

Kiwis love supporting Kiwis. Entrepreneurship can be a difficult and lonely journey. When you spend money, you’re casting your vote for the kind of world you want to live in. In fact, research suggests two-thirds of every dollar spent on a small business is kept in the local economy.

5. The time is now!

NZ Made has seen a resurgence in recent years with both businesses and consumers getting behind the ‘shop local’ movement. More than 85 percent of Kiwis recognise the logo, and more than 60 percent of consumers are actively seeking NZ made brands over imports. It’s time to step up and show our support and back Kiwi made goods and services.

6. Range

There is an exceptional range of NZ Made products on offer – it blows our minds what small businesses are doing in this country – from establishing and entire tea industry here (Zealong Tea Estate) to a Kiwi take on a classic (Bootleg Jerky). Seek out NZ Made alternatives next time you shop – you may be surprised at what’s on offer!

7. Fairness

Sourcing goods from factories that don’t stack up ethically and discharge toxic waste isn’t who we are. Kiwi consumers are becoming more aware of the life cycle of what they purchase and are making more ethical purchasing decisions for people and the environment.

8. Reduce waste

Waste reduction is a huge motivator for supporting buy local campaigns. Generally speaking, manufacturing close to home ensures greater quality control, reduced waste and significantly reduced logistics emissions.

9. Treating people right

NZ has strict health and safety standards significantly reducing the risk for workers. Small to medium sized businesses and their workers are the backbone of this country – knowing they are fairly treated for their work is crucial.

10. All of the above

Why pick just one reason? Shopping local is one of the simplest, most effective ways we can reduce waste, emissions and ensure the people who make our products are treated fairly. The time to support local is, and has always been, right now.