January 18, 2021

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Just because it’s the metropolitan city in the country, travelers looking to enjoy the spectacular New Zealand experience shouldn’t miss Auckland. The Kiwi identity is strongly reflected in the arts, culture, music, and nightlife, making it a great destination. Cafes and restaurants are great places to enjoy the best wines and food. Whether you are touring the country, looking for a day off, or planning a weekend getaway, Auckland has plenty to offer for every visitor. This method of transportation has its own; there is plenty to see and do in the area. Book at one of the Auckland Airport car rental centers and make your time with City Sales easy and stress-free so you can easily explore these top 5 Auckland attractions:


1.Sky Tower 

The Sky Tower is Auckland’s most famous landmark. The tower, a popular tourist attraction, receives around one million visitors annually. The Sky Tower is part of the Sky City University campus, a large complex with two casinos, two restaurants, and a five-star hotel. The tower is 328 meters high and has four observation levels: the lowest observation level, the main observation level, the outer observation level, and the heavenly terrace. At this search level, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Auckland from approximately 80 miles away. The elevator entrance is through an underground corridor.

 There is a cafe on the observation deck called the Sky Lounge Cafe. On the main level, there are free multilingual audio guides, weather forecasts, and a touch screen computer. This deck is the highest public visiting area in the country. Sky Tower Jump is a basic jump that is controlled via a 192 m long cable. At night the sky tower is more visible, which is illuminated by different colored lights. In such a bright light, the pavilion is like a UFO! You can climb the hill on Queen Street and go to City Hall. Here you can see the recently renovated Civic Theater. This is a stunning historical theater with simple plastering. You can also watch it at the Aotea Concert Hall. Aota Square brings you the best markets for you to buy with satisfaction.

2.Auckland Museum

The Auckland Museum was built in 1929 to commemorate the end of the First World War. It has a breathtaking view that resembles Greek temples. The Auckland Museum offers a wide range of collections, exhibits, and interactive exhibits. The museum complex extends over three levels. There are views of the Maori region and the European race of New Zealand and the Pacific. Visitors can learn about New Zealand’s history and see a beautiful collection of Maori treasures and artifacts in the Pacific. These galleries show social history, anthropology, and art. The museum has interactive activities for kids that add to the excitement. The museum houses a natural history exhibition with around 1.5 million copies. These samples are frozen, inserted, filled, and tipped. On the top floor, the War Memorial is a museum showing the history of the New Zealand War and is a memorial site. These demonstrations will help visitors learn how the historical events of the war shaped the country’s identity. The museum also has Maori cultural proposals. There is a shop that sells books, jewelry, and musical items.

3.Auckland Art Gallery

The Auckland Art Gallery is New Zealand’s largest art organization with around 12,500 exhibits. Displays both international and national works. If you want to see art, the Auckland Art Gallery is for you. The art on display in this gallery is a mix of art from other cultures and New Zealand artists. An arts festival is held every year, where those who have not yet discovered it have the opportunity to exhibit works of art. If you want to see the most immeasurable of the arts, head to the annual Auckland Art Festival on a trip to New Zealand.

It also organizes regular exhibitions. It may be the largest city in the country, but Auckland is very focused on art and culture. These galleries stand out in and around the city center, such as Mount Eden and Hillsborough. In Oakland, take some time to visit these local galleries. The Auckland Art Gallery has two adjacent buildings. The main gallery displays European collections as well as New Zealand art. The New Zealand collection includes works by many of the country’s leading artists. The new gallery offers contemporary art and exhibitions.

4.Auckland Port Bridge

The Auckland Harbor Pass was built in the late 1990s and is a mix of shopping centers, apartments, cafes, and restaurants. All of these buildings are made to fill the water from the boat. The Maritime Museum is located in Auckland Harbor. The Maritime Trail is an asphalt path along the harbor bank. There are beautiful historical paintings and sculptures along the way that highlight the main aspects of Auckland’s maritime adventures. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant walk here. During the summer, there are outdoor performances such as singing, playing, or acting. There are also outdoor cinema screenings here.

5.Waiheke Island

Take a ferry from Auckland Train Station or North Shore in Davenport. The island is a great way to encounter a somewhat bohemian lifestyle that, over the years, has fascinated new residents who enjoy its vineyards, cafes, and many restaurants as the temperatures rise on the island. Is. Don’t have time for a ship? Helicopters are also available to drop you off. Wild on Waiheke offers visitors an amazing experience with various exciting activities to participate in during their stay. Enjoy archery, flower chicken shooting, TopNot’s Vineyards, and relax for lunch in cafes and bars. Find wildlife in Waiheke on Onetangi Road – be sure to book ahead and discuss your favorite activities.


First-time visitors to Auckland through Cathay Pacific are amazed at the city’s appeal as they cannot decide where to start. This is because Auckland is overflowing with many amazing and breathtaking attractions. If you do a three-day tour, you will not take advantage of every attraction. You have to have plenty of time so that your hands are not neglected when time depends on many of the highlights that have made this city one of the most famous cities in the world. Auckland is one of the most natural and attractive places in the world.

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