June 7, 2023

Chicby Karina

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What Does a Gap Year Program Include?

For most parents, the thought of their student taking year off and travelling abroad after graduating from high school or college seems somewhat dubious. There is that fear that once they are out of school, they will never return. But, one way to arrange for travel abroad at a fixed length, with a return flight home at the end of it is by finding a gap year program.

These programs are meant for students who have just graduated and need or want to take a year off from their education to see the world. This is not unlike what you or I may have done, but it is a lot more structured and your student will be safer and actually come back with work experience.

A quality gap year program will include any or all of the following:

  1. Travel to and from the destination country.
  2. Room and board, and a wage while working.
  3. A responsible position at a reputable company.
  4. The flexibility for the student to do more than work while they are abroad.

Traveling on your own can be expensive, lonely, and even dangerous, so a gap year program is a great alternative. All you really need to do is find a company that your student has an interest in or would enjoy learning about. Some students like to be based in countries where they speak the language, while others use the opportunity of living in a foreign country to build upon their language skills.

By choosing a program, rather than by letting your student travel aimlessly through countries, you will be assured that they are getting work experience and living under a somewhat controlled situation where they will be safe. But, while they are there, don’t let them fool you – they will have fun and be able to travel, meet people, and experience the country.